Project Karmni Grima House Museum

January 12, 2012 10:35 CET

Through a scheme launched by the Ministry for Gozo, is being funded project coordinated by a committee within the National Sanctuary of Ta 'Pinu purchase of cabinets for use in Karmni Grima House Museum.

The Minister for Gozo Giovanna Debono visited this museum, which was the home place which lived Karmni Grima, which are currently undergoing works of conservation and restoration being undertaken with financial support of European Regional Development Fund for the period 2007-2013.

She said that through this project, the Pinu Sanctuary to join the Ministry for Gozo and other entities collective working to protect and promote cultural heritage and Gozo.

This order can be enjoyed by generations present and future, while serving to strengthen the island's tourist value.

The project of restoration and conservation of Karmni Grima House Museum is an investment of € 400,000, 85% of funds is financed from European funds.

The work includes the structural, installation of new systems of lighting, audio-visual presentation about the life of Karmni Grima and said message received from the Madonna, the installation of a lift as and installing a system of electricity generated by solar energy.

This is part of the project 'Discovering Cultural and Religious Tourism in Gozo, which also involves the restoration of 12 paintings, the work of Maltese artist Joseph Briffa, which are reproduced in mosaic in the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Pinu. This museum is located at the beginning of the Gharb Road and was originally the home of Karmni Grima, spinster from Gharb, which in the nineteenth century is said to received the call of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Ta’ Pinu chapel.