Prayer to Our Lady of Ta' Pinu

Ta' Pinu painting


O Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God, assumed into heaven with body and soul, who through Karmni Grima chose this place that you may shower your graces on those who pray to you, look, we beseech you, with a look of mercy upon this world full of fear and confusion, and in the same way that you saved the spouses of Cana from shame, save also humanity from every danger of both body and soul.

Bring all humans to love each other with brotherly love. O Mother of Mercy, protect also our families on which human society is established, that they may live an honest, happy and holy life.

Above all, I pray that you may have mercy on me who am in pain under the weight of the Cross. If it is not of any harm for my soul, help me to (determine the grace you are asking for...). If, however, it is not the will of the Lord that I may receive this grace, give me the strength to carry this burden and to unite it with the Cross of your beloved Son Jesus Christ. O Blessed Mother Mary, help me that like you I may accept with all my heart God’s will and that together with you I may say: “Let it happen to me according to your word”.

O Blessed Virgin Mary of Ta’ Pinu, keep me under your maternal protection, that I may be certain that the trials of this life may bring me to everlasting life in my heavenly home.

Recite three Hail Marys in honour of the three days the body of Mary remained in the tomb.